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Jennifer Lingle, Regional Administrator

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Jennifer Boulle, District Manager, Fishkill

Jenny started her career with us in November of 2012. She had no prior experience in the insurance industry but with the fantastic training program and hard work Jenny hit every step in her first year fire ball series and also one all-star milestone. Six Months into her career at the Hartman Region, Jenny joined the CIT Program. After hitting two CIT FAME’s she was promoted to a District Manager in April 2014.

Jenny was born, raised and still resides in Dutchess County. She graduated in 2008 from Dutchess Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice. During and after college, Jenny worked for 6 years in the construction industry (electrician, pipe fitter and sheet metal) before deciding she wanted to control her own destiny. That’s when she found the Hartman Region.

Jenny has qualified for two state conventions, and the Triple Crown Trip. Jenny is currently the District Manager of the Highland office and lives in the town of Poughkeepsie, NY with her husband Jay.

Mike Carey, District Manager, Middletown

Mike started his AFLAC career in September of 2012. Although he never held a position in the insurance industry prior to joining AFLAC, the outstanding training he received after he was hired allowed Mike to hit every step of his fireball and star series in his first two years with the company. Mike applied for and was accepted into the CIT program in March of 2014, and he was promoted to the position District Manager in January of 2015. He works out of an office in Middletown, NY.

Mike was born in Staten Island but moved to Orange County, NY when he was young. He graduated from Minisink Valley High School and attended Ithaca College earning a degree in Mathematics. Prior to joining AFLAC, Mike held positions in a few different fields including executive search, education and retail. Mike enjoys golfing, hunting, and fishing, but above all else, Mike is a passionate fan of high school, NCAA, and Olympic wrestling. He owns and maintains a website dedicated to providing coverage to local wrestling at www.sectionixwrestling.com.

Mike has qualified for four State Conventions, a Triple Crown trip and one National Convention. He and his wife Ina currently reside in Slate Hill, NY.

Vinny Krill, District Sales Coordinator, Pearl River

Vinny attended SUNY Oneonta, majoring in Chemisty and Criminal Justice, hoping to start a profession in the forensics field. He graduated in 2007 and was called to interview with us. Vinny was looking for a career with an opportunity to help people, a flexible schedule, and great earning potential, which lead to Vinny starting his the Hartman Region career in August of 2007.

In his first year with the Hartman Region, he hit every step in the fireball series and joined the CIT program in his second year. In 2012, Vinny was promoted to a District Manager and has received multiple FAME awards, three State Conventions and one National Convention.

Nick McElroy, District Manager, Monroe

Nick started his career with us in April of 2009. He is a graduate of SUNY Albany, with a degree in Marketing/Management and also the Culinary Institute of America, with a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts. He worked in Manhattan for 5 years as a pastry chef until the commute, schedule and lack of family life had him looking for a new career.

Having never worked in sales, insurance or anything like it, he was a little apprehensive about starting a career with the Hartman Region, but he saw the opportunities that are possible. Nick started strong by hitting every step in the fireball series in his first year and joined the CIT program at the end of his first year. He was also the top rookie account closer in his first year. Nick was promoted to a District Manager in July of 2011 and went on to FAME his first 4 quarters as a District Manager. He is also proud to say that one of the agents he recruited has now been promoted to a District Manager himself. Nick believes the job of a Manager is to train new agents and make them successful because that is exactly what his District Manager did for him.

Nick has qualified for three state conventions, Triple Crown trip, and 1 National Convention. Nick is currently the District Manager of the Highland, NY office. Nick resides in Highland Mills, NY, with his wife Lindsay.

Dominick Siracusa, District Manager, Goshen & Middletown

Dominick has had a long history in insurance. He originally sold life insurance, then transitioned to the Hartman Region where he has been successful for 15 years. Starting as an Account Representative, he quickly became a District Manager, then a Regional Manager for 5 years, then State Manager for 3 years and currently the District Manager in Goshen. He has developed each of the roles, then pass to torch to a rising agent.

After building such a large business, Dominick had the financial stability to return to a role with less demands on his time so that he could start a family. He currently lives in Orange County with his wife and children.

Dominick is very active in his family’s lives and takes part in golf outings to continue growth in his business network. As a District Manager, he continues to train new agents to follow in his footsteps and reach their best potential!

Michael Maegerle, District Manager, Highland Office

Mike started his AFLAC career in June of 2016 following a long career as an environmental consultant and a State regulator. Mike used his prior experiences along with in depth Aflac training he received to hit his fireball and star series in his first year with Aflac. Based on his first 6 months of success, Mike was placed in the CIT program in January 2017. After a successful 2017 CIT campaign where Mike Famed in the 2nd Quarter opening up seven (7) new business accounts, Mike was promoted to the position of District Manager in January of 2018. He manages the office in Highland, NY.

Mike was born in Delaware and lived and worked in New Jersey and PA prior to moving to the Hudson Valley in 2001. Mike earned a BS in Geophysics from the University of Delaware and a MS in GeoEnvironmental Studies from Shippensburg University. Mike enjoys hiking and skiing with his family and is an avid cyclist. Mike is a member of the Southern Dutchess BNI Chapter and is a member of the Greater Dutchess Chamber of Commerce. Mike is presently an active member of the Chamber’s Health and Wellness Committee. Mike, his wife and three school age children, presently reside in LaGrange, Dutchess County, NY.